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City of Stockholm

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Åsa Drougge, Helena Emrani, Stina Hellqvist, Erik Ståhlbom




Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm


Archdaily, Architonic, Archello Avontuura travel guide FutureArc Magazine, Landezine, La Vie Magazine, Plot Magazine, RUM, Topscape Paysage


2a prize, “Landscape in Light”, Milano landscape triennal


Robin Hayes


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Fredriksdalskajen (the Fredriksdal Quay) is located at Hammarby Lake in Stockholm. The quayside project is one of the last phases of a major urban development project, Hammarby Sjöstad, which has been evolving since the late 90s. The quay has a long history as an industrial harbour, and some of the port activities remain after the reconstruction. The industrial character is the foundation for the design. Functions needed on the dock are solved using products derived from port and industrial environments, but further developed for the site. The quay is designed so that pedestrians and bicyclists can co-exist with a new group of recreational visitors on the site, as well as car users and port operators. Fredriksdalskajen is north facing, but thanks to the long wooden pier in the north-east, the area’s most sunlit location can be utilized for sun-bathing and picnics. Two big swings act as an eye catcher and centrepiece on the square, from which visitors have a vast view of Hammarby Lake. The recurring arc shapes are inspired by the concrete arches in the adjacent bridge from the 1920s.

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