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Invited competition

Winning proposal, in collaboration with BSK Architects



Project group

Jonas Berglund, Helena Emrani




Flemingsberg, Huddinge




Årets bygge 2013


Anders Thessing, where not otherwise state


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The site is a pine covered hill in Södertörn, south of Stockholm. A world of its own, still common place and familiar. Long vistas of the landscape create visual contact with a hospital in the north and the university, district court, police station and high-rise housing in the southeast. Helix, the new Forensic Psychiatric Clinic will form a secluded space, still in contact with both the institutional and civil world.

Photo: Max Plunger

Early in the process, visits to the clinic and meetings with the staff gave an insight into a world where everyday life and the simplest of routines is the core of the rehabilitation: regularity, seasonal changes, circadian rhythm and clear spatial structures. The design came from the spatial conditions on the site and the use and reuse of local materials. The artist Lars Treadge was brought into the project to give form to the cuts in the landscape. Now the closed world of top of the hill is in place, and the daily routines have started. The wounds in the ground from excavation and construction work are beginning to heal. The young pine trees stretch towards the sky. Lingonberry, moss and lichens slowly recover bare rocks.

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