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Göran Lindberg




Värtahamnen, Stockholm


Alexander De Cuveland


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The cultural heritage-listed Fordfabriken (Ford Factory) in Värthamnen has been converted in order to accommodate the head office for Stockholm’s Stock Exchange, OMX. The character of the landscape that surrounds OMX has elements of both the working harbor within which it is situated and the cultural heritage of Royal Djurgården, to which it is adjacent. The landscape design clarifies the relation between the site’s external and internal spaces. The design language used at the frontage references a larger scale, engaging with the harbor environment through practical functions such as vehicle access, entrances, parking, and loading docks. Sections of the hard surface have been removed, and the resulting squares planted with pine and cherry trees. The contrast between open and bounded space is also intensified in the treatment of the building’s narrow atrium. The courtyard has been designed to resemble a “secret garden”. Here, climbing plants emphasize the verticality of the space.

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