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Jonas Berglund




Rågsved, Stockholm


Anders Thessing, where not otherwise stated


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The park Rågdalen, is situated in the southern suburbs of Stockholm. Nivå were assigned to explore ways to re-evaluate and re-develop the existing park. The project has involved the local community through a series of dialogue meetings. The concept for the park is to preserve the qualities of the existing site rather than tell a new story. The open space at the center of the valley became the starting point for the design, with the aim of expanding the green park space. A series of objects and places are highlighted, ranging from sublime to commonplace: some beautiful smooth rocks, existing trees and vegetation, and a power station. A series of wooden decks with bright red details have been added, which serve as hang out places as well as eye-catchers, evoking interest in the park. Lighting of the decks and other objects, as well as the overall lighting has been an important part of the design.

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