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Kista NOD


Exploateringskontoret, Stockholms stad och Atrium Ljungberg AB

Project group

Åsa Johansson, Tommy Roman, Åsa Drougge


2009 – 2020


Kista, Stockholm


Robin Hayes, where not otherwise state


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The project encompasses the design of squares, streets and courtyards around Kista NOD, a multifunctional building with the goal of bringing scientific research to life, making it visible. The courtyard is part of an official passageway through the neighbourhood and is public in its character. The starting point for the project design has been creating a cohesive platform for the building. The technical solution for street drainage creates a geometrical pleated surface, which also becomes part of the expression of the ground surface by the marking of ridges and low lines. Driving lanes are restricted by large scale furnishing units and tree plantings. The paving and angular folds of the surface surrounds the building, continuing into the courtyard and are accentuated in Halldor Laxness square, where inclined planes add to the dramatic effect of the variation in elevation between the square and Borgarfjordsgatan.

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