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Memorial for the Tsunami victims


Statens fastighetsverk

 Project group

Jonas Berglund, Evelina Skogelid


2016 – 2018


Nivå landskapsarkitektur, where not otherwise stated


Djurgården, Stockholm


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On the 26th of December 2004, Southeast Asia suffered one of the biggest natural disasters in modern history. A quarter of a million people lost their lives. 14 years later, a memorial for the victims of the tsunami was opened to the public on the far end of Djurgården in Stockholm. The land artwork ‘Gravitational Ripples’ by artist Lea Porsager connects cosmic and earthly events. The work seeks to convey the energies that occur when the forces of the universe are set in motion and at the same time represents nature’s own ability to heal and restore wounds from unanticipated events.

Through the process of bringing the memorial into realisation, Nivå has been part of the investigation and analysis ahead of the competition stage, as well as technical planning and maintenance advice for the finished site.

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