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Campus Albano


First prize, in collaboration with BSK Architects and CCO Architects


Akademiska hus, Svenska bostäder

Project group

Göran Lindberg, Stina Hellqvist, Helena Emrani, Erik Ståhlbom, Tommy Roman


2006 – ongoing


Albano, Stockholm


BSK Arkitekter, where not otherwise stated


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Albano, a former industrial area directly north of Roslagstull in Stockholm, is currently being converted to accommodate a new university district, a redevelopment which is to be completed by 2024. Strategically located between the Frescati campus of Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Karolinska Institute, the new Campus Albano will effectively unite these three tertiary institutions, constituting the central node in the Stockholm Science City cluster.

The landscape design for Campus Albano draws upon the site’s unique position within both the Royal National City Park and the cultural heritage landscape that surrounds the lake Brunnsviken. The landscape plays a fundamental role in structuring the campus environment, binding it together spatially, socially, and ecologically. As such, the master plan prioritizes views across the site and coherence with surrounding areas. The design aims to create an inviting and experience-rich public space, which supports social life on campus.

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