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Trissans hjärta


Skärholmen City District Administration

Project group

Stina Hellqvist, Stina Näslund, Åsa Drougge




Bredäng, Stockholm




Robin Hayes


In collaboration with a focus group of girls living in the suburb Bredäng, Nivå developed a park for spontaneous dance, play and free sports. Current research demonstrates that a majority of Swedish children and youth do not engage in enough daily physical activity. This problem is most pronounced amongst older teenage girls. With that in mind, the process of seeking to formulate new, more inclusive opportunities for physical activity that would appeal to a wide cross-section of society started.

The proposal responds to the fact that the site is presently dominated by a football pitch, used mainly for organized sports events for boys and men. The focus group, in contrast, emphasized the importance of creating a safe and vibrant space for everyone, where friends, siblings, parents and relatives could spend time together. Through a series of workshops, the project developed a design for a park that would stimulate spontaneous physical activity more broadly. A pergola and a stage with stepped seating contributes to a park which can be used throughout the day and in all seasons.

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