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Kristinebergs slottspark


City of Stockholms

Project group

Åsa Johansson, Jonas Berglund, Helena Emrani, Marc De Decker




Kungsholmen, Stockholm


Anders Thessing


The upgrade and renovation of Kristinebergs Slottspark (Kristineberg Palace park) on Kungsholmen, Stockholm, is a project that Nivå has been working on since 2010. The oldest parts of the park, including the avenue of linden trees, date back to the 18th century. This living heritage value, in combination with the park’s high ecological value and its large stock of mature oaks, lindens, and fruit trees, all form the basis of its unique character and experiential qualities. With the future development of northwest Kungsholmen, Kristinebergs Slottspark will increasingly play the role of a neighborhood park for its surrounding community. The first stage of the landscape works therefore include a new playground and the initiation of public art projects, in addition to the restoration of the avenue of lindens and the extensive replanting of the western part of the park. Planning for the eastern parts of the park is underway at present. The introduction of new design elements is guided by a comprehensive approach, and the key concepts of the design lie in weaving together the new and the old, linking the landscape to the activities that take place within it, and ensuring that the park is identifiable as a single, unified space.

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