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Sätra Centrum


City of Stockholm

Project group

Jonas Berglund, Åsa Johansson




Sätra, Stockholm


Landezine, Landarch


Anders Karlen


The idea behind the design proposal for Sätra centrum was to develop and refine the local qualities of a southern suburban centre in Stockholm. Sätra centrum was built in the 1960s, and the project aimed to renew the area while preserving its time-typical forms and elements. The place locally known as ‘Plattan’ (referring to a well-known square in the centre of Stockholm), was redesigned with the aim to give the square a new identity. With its central location close to schools, health care centre and the subway station, ‘Plattan’ had the potential of becoming a well-used common living-room for all age groups in Sätra. Consequently, the re-design included a series of new carpets for the living room.

Two brick-carpets in ornamental patterns provide a homely feeling. The third carpet is an integrated sound art piece, a ‘carpet of sound’ by artist Ann Rosén, which stimulates movement and reflection. Groups of newly planted larch trees, Larix decidua, seem to wander down onto the square from the surrounding slopes.

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