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City of Stockholm

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Åsa Drougge, Evelina Skogelid, Erik Ståhlbom




Norrmalm, Stockholm


Landezine, Landscape Architecture Aotearoa, Arkitektur, RUM, Time Out City Guide – Crimson


Stenpriset 2017


Robin Hayes


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Brunkebergstorg is a square located in the central parts of Stockholm. The aim of the restoration has been to create a meeting point with a design which combines the history of the square with new functions. In the surrounding blocks a combination of new activities and hotels with restaurants and bars attract more people to the area. The square is located on the Brunkeberg ridge, where the city’s grid structure meets and changes direction. Riksbanken, Sweden’s central bank, is the visually most dominant building on the site. The design of the square is inspired by the detail work on the heavy façade, with its soft mouldings and stone details. The ground covering consists of Swedish granite in different sizes and treatments, creating a striped pattern with a random rhythm. Both strong contrasts and subtle differences emerge in the surface. Differences in elevation are handled in long sweeping steps, accentuated by rounded benches. The perforated steel screens in the fountains are highlighted by a shimmering and warm light at night. The screens are also covering the ventilation for an underlying parking garage. All the materials used on the square are durable over time and provide an experience of elegance and solidity.

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