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Värtaterminalens takpark


Ports of Stockholm / C. F. Møller Architects

Project group

Åsa Drougge, Helena Emrani, Stina Hellqvist




Värtahamnen, Stockholm


Archdaily, Landezine, RUM, International New Landscape


Anders Thessing, where not otherwise stated


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The old harbour by The Värtan Ferry Terminal nowadays plays a greater role in the development of the residential district Södra Värtan within Norra Djurgårdsstaden. Due to the long industrial use of the harbour, public parks are scarce in the area. To increase green areas within the district has been one of the main sustainable development goals for Norra Djurgårdstaden. The roof terraces of the new ferry terminal serve as public spaces where passengers, staff and visitors can move freely in a transparent landscape close to the sea. The unique location of the building creates a hybrid public space, between city and harbour, between building and park and between workplace and recreation. The design of the roofs is inspired by the surrounding Stockholm archipelago, a vast, windy and exposed environment. The large scale lay the foundation for the simple and uniform design that emanates from a central strolling path which is flanked by a variety of high waving grass types and perennials.

Photo: Robin Hayes

At the dock level sits site-specific artwork ‘PORT’ by Lisa Gerdin – a piece made from Corten steel alluding to port industry’s use of containers. On one of the roof terraces the installation ”2066” by Hans Rosentröm offers an intimate sound experience. The piece consists of five granite blocks with integrated audio telling stories by people from the countries visited by the passenger ferries.

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